OUR FATHER - אבינו

Dir: Meni Yaesh

Each night, Ovadia Rachmim dispenses a kind of justice. As the powerful, violent doorman of a Tel Aviv night club, he doesn’t like to start fights, but he knows how to finish them. He’s also trying to become a father: and this is what finally...

2016 Ophir Awards WINNER - Best Actor

2016 Ophir Awards Nominee—Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenwriter


Dir: Ido Haar

Thousands of times each day, men and women around the world post their innermost selves on YouTube. Like so many messages-in-bottles, cast on an indifferent ocean. However few of these messages are ever seen again. One such video did find an audience, and it winds...

2016 Ophir Awards WINNER —Best Documentary

Official Selection Toronto International Film Festival 2015

SAND STORM - סופת חול

Dir: Elite Zexer

In a remote Bedouin village in southern Israel, a wedding is taking place. It ought to be an occasion to celebrate… but for a woman named Jalila, it’s anything but. The groom is her husband – and the marriage is to a second, much younger...

2016 Sundance Film Festival WINNER - World Cinema Grand Jury Prize

2016 Ophir Awards WINNER - Best Picture, Israel entry to the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film

2016 Traverse City Film Festival WINNER - Best Foreign Fiction Prize for first time filmmaker

SHALOM ITALIA - שלושה אחים ומערה

Dir: Tamar Tal Anati

One night, in the darkest days of the Second World War, three brothers—Bubi, Andrea, and Emanuel—fled their home in Tuscany and hid in a cave to escape the Nazis. Seventy years later, they return to Italy, hoping to rediscover the country they were forced to...

2016 Ophir Awards Nominee —Best Short Documentary

2016 DocAviv—Official Selection

SHTISEL - שטיסל

Dir: Alon Zingman

(Second Season) Winner of 12 Israeli Academy Awards, the Hit Israeli series is returning to the screen. The second season of Shtisel centers on father and son Shulem and Akiva Shtisel (Dov Glickman and Michael Aloni), who share the same apartment in ultra-Orthodox Mea Shearim,...


Dir: Dina Riklis

After the murder of her diplomat husband, Yerusalem, an Eritrean woman is forced to flee Paris and now finds herself an illegal refugee in a decrepit area of Tel Aviv. The short film is the creation of award-winning director Dina Zvi-Riklis, whose feature Three Mothers...

2016 Ophir Awards Nominee—Best Short Feature

THE BAND’S VISIT - ביקור התזמורת

Dir: Eran Kolirin

Strangers in a strange land, eight Egyptian members of the Alexandria Ceremonial Police Orchestra, arrive by mistake in a small town in Israel’s Negev Desert. With no means to leave or any hotels to stay at, they’re forced to seek refuge at a restaurant owned...

Official Selection 2007 Cannes International Film Festival

Official Selection 2007 Toronto International Film Festival

Official Selection 2007 Telluride International Film Festival