THE LAST BAND IN LEBANON - הלהקה האחרונה בלבנון

Dir: Itzik Kricheli and Ben Bachar

Set against the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon in May, 2000, this upbeat, offbeat comedy follows three reserve soldiers, members of a military rock band, who wake up one morning to discover they’ve been left behind. Caught between Hezbollah fighters and disgruntled Lebanese military, the three...

THE MUTE’S HOUSE - בית האילמת

Dir: Tamar Kay

Abandoned by its Palestinian owners, the deserted building in Hebron is known to Israeli soldiers as “The Mute’s House”—its only occupants are a deaf woman, Sahar, and her eight-year-old son Yousef. The family’s unique story, a touching counterpoint to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is told through...

2016 Ophir Awards Nominee—Best Short Documentary

2015 IDFA—International Documentary Film Festival

THE SETTLERS - המתנחלים

Dir: Shimon Dotan

Who are the settlers? What motivates them to uproot their families to make their homes in the most contested areas in the world, surrounded by hostile neighbors? The answers may surprise you. To some, they are patriots and heroes… yet to others, they are invaders...

2016 Ophir Awards Nominee—Best Documentary


Dir: Emil Ben Shimon

When the women’s balcony of the synagogue collapsed in the middle of a bar mitzvah, nobody assumed that the cause was anything more than bad architecture—that is, until Rabbi David announced that it was actually a message from God. The charismatic young rabbi warns that...

2016 TIFF Official Selection

THE WONDERFUL KINGDOM OF PAPA ALAEV - הממלכה המופלאה של פאפא אלייב

Dir: Tal Barda, Noam Pinchas

Nearly 80, Allo “Papa” Alaev rules his celebrated folk music clan with an iron tambourine. Since the day he decreed his family would immigrate to Israel, he’s micro-managed every aspect of their lives, onstage and off. From every meal they prepare to the instruments his...

2016 HotDocs Official Selection

THE WRITER - התסריטאי

Dir: Shay Capon

Narrative skirts the line of reality in The Writer, an autobiographical program from Sayed Kashua, the creator of the hit series Arab Labor. The show centers on Kateb, a thinly fictionalized version of Kashua, who’s just created a hit TV series named (you guessed it)...

TWILIGHT OF A LIFE - עד קצה הזריחה

Dir: Sylvain Biegeleisen

The mother of director Sylvain Biegeleisen is 94 years old… but in her mind, she is still twenty. Confined to bed, she spends hours with her son—laughing, singing, and offering kisses while he records every moment. At times she’s lucid, recalling her life with assertiveness...

2016 Israeli Academy Ophir Awards Nominee —Best Documentary