WHO’S GONNA LOVE ME NOW? - מי יאהב אותי עכשיו?

Dir: Tomer Heymann & Barak Heymann

Saar, a 39-year-old Israeli living in London discovers he is HIV-positive and begins a journey of reconciliation with his deeply religious family in Israel. This profoundly moving British-Israeli co-production contrasts the expatriate’s difficulties in finding acceptance at home with the life he’s built in England...

2016 Berlin International Film Festival WINNER—Best Documentary

WOUNDED LAND - ארץ פצועה

Dir: Erez Tadmor

How well do you really know the partner who’s watching your back? Officer Kobi Amar and his Region Commander Yehuda Neumann, longtime partners in the Haifa police force, think they know each other inside out. Then a brutal terror attack forces one of them to...

2015 Israeli Academy Awards WINNER - Best Director Award

2015 Israeli Academy Awards WINNER - Best Actor

2015 Jerusalem Film Festival