FOREVER PURE - טהורה לעד

Dir: Maya Zinshtein

For years, Beitar Jerusalem F.C. was the only Israeli football club never to sign an Arab player. Then, midway through its 2012-13 season, the popular club’s owner, Russian-Israeli oligarch Arcadi Gaydamak, took the extraordinary step of bringing on two Muslim players from Chechnya. What was...

Jerusalem Film Festival WINNER - The Van Leer Award for Best Director of a Documentary

Jerusalem Film Festival WINNER - The Haggiag Award Best Editing

Jerusalem Film Festival 2016 Jewish Experience Awards - Honourable Mention

Official selection TIFF 2016

ON THE MAP - 77:78 - על המפה

Dir: Dani Menkin

ON THE MAP tells the against-all- odds story of Maccabi Tel Aviv’s 1977 European Championship, which took place at a time when the Middle East was still reeling from the 1973Yom Kippur War, the 1972 Olympic massacre at Munich, and the 1976 hijacking of an...


Dir: Ido Haar

Thousands of times each day, men and women around the world post their innermost selves on YouTube. Like so many messages-in-bottles, cast on an indifferent ocean. However few of these messages are ever seen again. One such video did find an audience, and it winds...

2016 Ophir Awards WINNER —Best Documentary

Official Selection Toronto International Film Festival 2015

THE SETTLERS - המתנחלים

Dir: Shimon Dotan

Who are the settlers? What motivates them to uproot their families to make their homes in the most contested areas in the world, surrounded by hostile neighbors? The answers may surprise you. To some, they are patriots and heroes… yet to others, they are invaders...

2016 Ophir Awards Nominee—Best Documentary

THE WONDERFUL KINGDOM OF PAPA ALAEV - הממלכה המופלאה של פאפא אלייב

Dir: Tal Barda, Noam Pinchas

Nearly 80, Allo “Papa” Alaev rules his celebrated folk music clan with an iron tambourine. Since the day he decreed his family would immigrate to Israel, he’s micro-managed every aspect of their lives, onstage and off. From every meal they prepare to the instruments his...

2016 HotDocs Official Selection

TWILIGHT OF A LIFE - עד קצה הזריחה

Dir: Sylvain Biegeleisen

The mother of director Sylvain Biegeleisen is 94 years old… but in her mind, she is still twenty. Confined to bed, she spends hours with her son—laughing, singing, and offering kisses while he records every moment. At times she’s lucid, recalling her life with assertiveness...

2016 Israeli Academy Ophir Awards Nominee —Best Documentary

WHO’S GONNA LOVE ME NOW? - מי יאהב אותי עכשיו?

Dir: Tomer Heymann & Barak Heymann

Saar, a 39-year-old Israeli living in London discovers he is HIV-positive and begins a journey of reconciliation with his deeply religious family in Israel. This profoundly moving British-Israeli co-production contrasts the expatriate’s difficulties in finding acceptance at home with the life he’s built in England...

2016 Berlin International Film Festival WINNER—Best Documentary