SHALOM ITALIA - שלושה אחים ומערה

Dir: Tamar Tal Anati

One night, in the darkest days of the Second World War, three brothers—Bubi, Andrea, and Emanuel—fled their home in Tuscany and hid in a cave to escape the Nazis. Seventy years later, they return to Italy, hoping to rediscover the country they were forced to...

2016 Ophir Awards Nominee —Best Short Documentary

2016 DocAviv—Official Selection

THE MUTE’S HOUSE - בית האילמת

Dir: Tamar Kay

Abandoned by its Palestinian owners, the deserted building in Hebron is known to Israeli soldiers as “The Mute’s House”—its only occupants are a deaf woman, Sahar, and her eight-year-old son Yousef. The family’s unique story, a touching counterpoint to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is told through...

2016 Ophir Awards Nominee—Best Short Documentary

2015 IDFA—International Documentary Film Festival