AN AVERAGE STORY - לתפארת מדינת ישראל

Dir: Yaniv Segalovich

How average are you? Avi Cohen gets the answer to that question—with a vengeance—on the day he learns that he’s officially the most average man in Israel. This ought to be good news, since it instantly transforms him into a national icon. Unfortunately, Avi’s plans...

2016 Ophir Awards Nominee—Best Short Feature

ANNA - אנה

Dir: Or Sinai

In the dog days of summer, a woman in her thirties finds herself unexpectedly alone. She wanders her small desert hometown, yearning to feel like a woman again… even in the arms of a complete stranger. This debut film from Or Sinai took first prize...

2016 Ophir Awards Nominee—Best Short Feature

Cinefondation Selection First Prize


Dir: Dina Riklis

After the murder of her diplomat husband, Yerusalem, an Eritrean woman is forced to flee Paris and now finds herself an illegal refugee in a decrepit area of Tel Aviv. The short film is the creation of award-winning director Dina Zvi-Riklis, whose feature Three Mothers...

2016 Ophir Awards Nominee—Best Short Feature